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PollBuzzer is a new, real-time consumer research tool. Our panelists earn $1 for each question they answer. Our clients get immediate survey results from custom panels. Our non-profit partners can find a new source of contributions.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Custom Panel & Follow-up Question Feature

Contact: Noah Seton, CEO; Matt McLoughlin, CTO                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Email: Noah@PollBuzzer.com, Matt@PollBuzzer.com
Phone: (917) 750-7196
September 10, 2012


PollBuzzer, an online market research startup, has released PollBuzzer v2.4, a new, custom panel and follow-up question feature for its real-time, do-it-yourself consumer survey tool.

PollBuzzer offers a fast and affordable alternative to traditional consumer research providers. Clients send single-question surveys to PollBuzzer’s national consumer panel and receive results back as soon as one hour after launch. Early adopters of PollBuzzer’s first release included private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, management consulting firms, advertising and marketing agencies and large corporations. With this latest release, PollBuzzer v2.4 now automatically gives clients the option of surveying the exact same respondents from previous questions that they have asked.  That means clients can use the same group of respondents as an on-call focus group or narrow down those respondents by choosing just the respondents who chose a particular answer.   A video demonstration of PollBuzzer v2.0 can be found at pollbuzzer.com/Account/Business.aspx.

To offer this real-time service, PollBuzzer maintains its own panel of consumer respondents. PollBuzzer panelists represent a diverse cross-section of the general population in the United States and Canada.  They are compensated with $1 for each survey question that they answer via e-mail and can choose to claim their earnings via PayPal or direct them to one of several non-profit organizations, including PollBuzzer’s partners – Cambridge Family & Children’s Service, Together Against Malaria, and No Mountain Too High.  Given the opportunity to earn useful extra cash with minimal commitment and effort, the panel has grown quickly to nearly 20,000 respondents.  The diversity of these respondents allows PollBuzzer’s clients to target surveys to sub-groups in combinations of several demographic characteristics, including age, gender, geography, income, net worth, political affiliation and registration, employment status, educational level, and others.


PollBuzzer was founded in 2011 by Noah Seton and (CEO) and Matt McLoughlin (CTO) and is currently headquartered in the Boston area’s technology and startup center of Kendall Square, Cambridge. Prior to founding PollBuzzer, Noah was a management consultant at Bain & Company and often relied on expensive consumer research when working with investment firms and corporate clients. Frustrated by the complexity, speed and cost of consumer surveys, Noah set out to create a simple tool with Matt that would give decision-makers the real-time answers they needed. To learn more about Noah and Matt, please visit www.pollbuzzer.com/about

Monday, June 11, 2012

Great reviews from our panelists!

At PollBuzzer, we're always trying to deliver a great experience for our panelists.  That's why we're thrilled when we read reviews like this one:

Top 100 Best Free Online Paid Surveys for US Residents – Part 9

June 8th, 2012 · No Comments

1. PollBuzzer 
The PollBuzzer Panel is operated by an American company. It is free to sign up at PollBuzzer. As a member of PollBuzzer, you can get paid to answer survey questions. For each answered question, you will earn $1. You can receive your earnings via Paypal, or you have the option to donate your earnings to non-profit organizations or charitable organizations. The PollBuzzer Panel is open to US residents who are older than 13 years old.

Check it out at http://www.getpaid-surveys.net/2012/06/top-100-best-free-online-paid-surveys-for-us-residents-part-9/!

And thanks again to all our panelists!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Panelist videos hit YouTube!

Some of our more creative panelists have found a new way to spread the word about PollBuzzer and build up their referrals - YouTube videos! Check out their work on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6457EB531F1F55E4&feature=edit_ok.

Two videos in particular have caught our attention. The first is from YouTube user mugambaman:

And the second is from EricApps1:

We appreciate the support! If you're looking for some new material to include in your next PollBuzzer video, be on the lookout for the launch of our new website soon.

Monday, April 9, 2012

PollBuzzer non-profit update

Thanks to the donations of our panelists over the past several weeks, PollBuzzer facilitated the distribution of three new mosquito nets to deserving women and children in Africa! We look forward to continuing this great work with one of our non-profit partners, TAMTAM.

Remember that you can choose to direct your PollBuzzer earnings to non-profit organizations like TAMTAM on your PollBuzzer homepage. Thanks for your continued support!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boston Blackout survey results

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boston Blackout survey results

Last night a major transformer fire caused a huge blackout in Boston.  We asked 100 of our Boston panelists how they spent the blackout.  Looks like most everyone took it in stride!

41%. What blackout? Doesn't affect me
21%. Enjoying candlelight
15%. Great excuse to grab a beer
14%. Does this mean I don't have to go to work tomorrow?
10%.. I slept through it

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl ad survey results

245 1st Street
Suite 1819
Cambridge, MA 02142


According to a survey conducted by PollBuzzer, Honda’s Ferris Bueller commercial was tonight’s favorite Super Bowl advertisement followed closely by two Doritos commercials:
Percentage of Respondents
Ferris Bueller Honda
Baby and Grandma grab Doritos
Doritos Dog Buries Cat
I didn't watch the game
Seinfeld Acura
Bud Light Here We Go dog
Volkswagen dog losing weight and Star Wars bar
Chevy survives the Mayan Apocalypse
I don't have an opinion on the advertisements

PollBuzzer conducted this survey using its proprietary survey platform and consumer panel. Over 200 respondents answered the question “What was your favorite Super Bowl advertisement?” after the game on February 5th.  

PollBuzzer™ is a new, real-time consumer research tool. Our panelists earn $1 for each question they answer. Our clients get immediate survey results from custom panels. Our non-profit partners can find a new source of contributions.

To learn more or register for PollBuzzer, please visit www.pollbuzzer.com, or contact us at Support@PollBuzzer.com.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl survey featured in Metro (Boston/NY/Philadelphia)

PollBuzzer's recent Super Bowl survey was featured in online and print editions of this morning's Metro newspaper. If you live in Boston, NY or Philadelphia, pick up a free copy and see where our panelists plan to watch Sunday's game!

Here's a copy of the Boston edition: